ACT, SAT, AP, IB. What’s with all the acronyms – and what importance do they have on your application? Check here for the lowdown.

Putting Your SAT and ACT Scores in Perspective
Standardized tests remain a basic part of the college admissions process, regardless of the number of schools that have adopted test-optional admissions. The majority of accredited four-year colleges still require applicants to provide a SAT or ACT test score. Even some schools with test-optional admissions still use the SAT or ACT to determine class placement and award scholarships.

Measuring the Worth of AP Credits in the College Admissions Process
For some people, Advanced Placement credits seem to have become a kind of currency in college admissions. The thinking seems to be that it takes so many AP credits to win serious consideration at competitive colleges and universities.

I Took the SAT (or ACT), Now What?
If you have taken the SAT (ACT), congratulations! Do you know what to do now? The best advice is to speak with someone who can evaluate the rest of your application and provide you with a non-biased opinion as to your competitiveness. I know sitting for the SAT (ACT) is not a joy (we have done it), so please be assured that we only recommend taking the test again if we think it is truly beneficial or necessary.

Unfair “Advantages” in Test Prep Can Sink Chances
The stakes are high and in the competitive environment of college admissions, many high school students and their families are willing to go to great lengths to achieve top scores on their college entrance exams.

AP Course Audit Completed; Is AP Necessary for Admissions?
It’s reasonably fair to say that most applicants need at least some AP classes on their transcripts these days to be competitive in the applicant pools to the top schools, if they had the opportunity to take such classes at their high school.

It Takes More Than AP Credit to Make Your App Stand Out
College-bound high school students are often encouraged to take AP or IB classes to strengthen the transcripts they’ll submit as part of their college applications.

How Many AP Courses Do You Really Need?
It’s a tough question to give a specific answer to. The answer depends entirely on the applicant in question and his or her situation and profile.

SAT, ACT and SAT Subject Test Prep Tips
Despite the official statements from the test writers, you can improve your SAT/ACT score dramatically by simply spending some time becoming “streetwise” about the exam.

Coaching Can Raise Your ACT Writing Score
Some outside observers are saying the writing test may be the most coachable part of the exam.

Get Your Money’s Worth Out of the SAT or ACT
For many college applicants, one of those infuriating little things is trying to figure out exactly what standardized testing is going to cost.

Should You Consider Taking the Classic Learning Test (CLT)?
The CLT is a relatively new standardized test that clearly wishes to compete with the ACT and SAT. As of this article date, just over 150 US and Canadian universities accept it.

The SAT Reasoning Test vs. the ACT
Once upon a time, there was a clear geographic distinction between the SAT and the ACT. Today, that distinction has vanished. The SAT and ACT are given and accepted practically everywhere.

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