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The Common Application and CollegeNET just agreed to a confidential settlement. And, just like that, nearly five years of antitrust litigation ended with a screeching halt. What we do know is The Common Application will “modify certain of its challenged practices” beginning this coming admission season.

We assume you are familiar with The Common Application. (Or that you will likely become very familiar with it soon!) However, we also assume you probably are not familiar with CollegeNET.

Firstly, CollegeNET is best known for publishing the social mobility index. This company’s SAAS (software as a service) is used by over 1,300 universities. Furthermore, it integrates admissions with tuition payment processing, career services and just about everything else the schools offer. In conclusion, if you followed this litigation and hoped it would break The Common Application’s monopolistic position, then you are likely disappointed by this settlement news.

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