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First of all, we strive to be politically neutral. We seek to avoid controversy. Furthermore, we simply wish to report facts. However, with all the recent news involving race in college admissions, we decided to address this in a blog.

Last month, several Democrats in the US Senate sent letters to officials in higher education. They wanted suggestions to narrow gaps in student debt and graduation rates. Additionally, they solicited ideas to address racial inequities in higher access. A group called New America has proposed changes it considers ‘radical.’ These include rescinding federal loans to colleges that have legacy admission and early decision admission policies. Moreover, the group wants a lottery system for all applicants who clear a academic hurdle. This group has been getting a lot of press and we are not sure how much influence it may have over key lawmakers.

On the other side, 73% of Americans do not want race and ethnicity to be factors in college admissions. What’s more, the percent of blacks and Hispanics who thought race should play a major role in admissions was only 18% and 11%, respectively.

In conclusion, we have no idea how the role of race in college admissions will evolve from here. However, at least you now have the latest updates on this development. And know as much as we do on the subject!

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