In College Admissions Scandal

Earlier today, Stephen Semprevivo became the third parent sentenced in the college admissions scam. The same judge who sentenced Felicity Huffman to 14 days two weeks ago, handed down a four-month sentence to the Los Angeles-area executive. Once again, the sentence was less than the prosecutor’s recommendation of 13 months. However, Judge Indira Talwani did set the fine of $100,000 which was above the prosecutor’s recommendation.

For the uninitiated (and we really can’t wait for this whole saga to run its course in the media), Semprevivo was convicted of paying $400,000 to get his son into Georgetown University under the guise that he was a college-level tennis player. The son has already been expelled from Georgetown.

For the record, we get phone calls asking us for our interpretation of this scandal and we understand the widespread interest. We also realize that this will eventually fall out of the news and perhaps some of our blogs will remain as a reminder for any short-memory parents as to why they should not consider any future admission scams.

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