In Admissions Statistics

University of Virginia extended 9,726 admission offers to a record 40,869 applicants for its Class of 2023. This year’s acceptance rate of 23.8% is significantly lower than last year’s acceptance rate of 26.5%. This acceptance rate drop applied to both in-state and out-of-state applicants. Specifically, the in-state acceptance rate dropped to 35.9% from 38.0% and the out-of-state acceptance rate dropped from 21.4% last year to 18.8% this year. Finally, the School of Architecture had the highest acceptance rate at 31.3%. The lowest acceptance rate, 10.6%, belonged to the School of Nursing.

In addition to the record application volume, the Class of 2023 admits also boast the highest average SAT scores. Their mean of 1438 topped the Class of 2022’s 1430. So what specifically is UVA seeking in its applicants?

Dean of Admission Gregory Roberts summarized, “We’re looking for students who love to learn, who are self starters, who are willing to take some academic risk in college, students who are well prepared academically, students who want to be part of the broader University community and even Charlottesville, students who we think will make a difference on and off Grounds and in turn, students who will benefit from the opportunities that are provided here at UVA.”

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