In Admissions Statistics

University of Virginia admitted 6,550 of its 25,126 early action applicants for its Class of 2023. The 26.0% acceptance rate was down slightly from last year’s 27.5% acceptance rate. Early applications increased by 17%. Consequently, the school was able to admit more early action applicants and still be more selective. UVA anticipates enrolling about 3,750 students from its EA applicant pool.

Greg Roberts, the school’s dean of admission, stated, “Approximately 62 percent of the applicants applied early. The breadth and strength of the group is impressive and the early-action pool continues to become more diverse with increasing numbers of first-gen and minority students in the [EA] round.”

Overall, applications rose 9.7% from 37,205 last year to a record 40,804. It looks like the Class of 2023 is going to be very competitive. Presumably, only the very best will be admitted in the regular decision round.

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