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Princeton was ranked the top college for the thirteenth consecutive year!

US News released their 2024 college rankings, their first since their methodology revision. The revisions appeared didn’t affect the top of the rankings. Princeton extended its streak as the top-ranked college to thirteen years. MIT occupies second place this year. Harvard and Stanford tied for third place. Yale rounded out the publication’s top five this year.

Williams and Amherst retained their first and second-place rankings, respectively, from last year. The Naval Academy was ranked third followed by Pomona and Swarthmore (each tied for fourth place) to round out the top five liberal arts schools.

Since a good number of our applicants are interested in business degrees, we will add that US News ranked University of Pennsylvania, MIT, Berkeley, Michigan, and NYU as the top five for this category.

We hope it goes without saying to take all rankings with a big, proverbial grain of salt when compiling your target schools. Please remember the rankings are subjective and flaws have been uncovered in the rankings before and likely will be uncovered again in the future. So, if the school you feel represents your best fit is currently ranked 6, 11, 26, or even 101, please select that school. The rankings are fluid and there is no guarantee the school ranked at the top this year will be ranked number one when you are looking to enter the job market in a few short years.

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