In Admissions Statistics

Currently, public universities are seeing enrollments drop by an average of 1.9%. However, Virginia Tech has a different type of dilemma. That is to say, it has too many students. The school received over 30,000 applications and made offers it figured would fill about 6,600 seats for this fall. Right now, the school has 8,009 accepted offers.

In response, Virginia Tech sent 1,559 in-state admits an offer letter. In return for taking a gap year, these admits can opt to receive a $1,000 annual scholarship for four years. Additionally, they will be reimbursed for the tuition they spend at a community college during the gap year. The other option is to take free classes this summer and next and take a gap semester in either the spring or fall.

Finally, Virginia Tech is waiving the requirement that freshmen live on campus. Other changes such as hiring additional faculty and scheduling larger class sizes will be considered depending on the ultimate size of its Class of 2023.

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