In Admissions Statistics

Yale University admitted 2,178 applicants out of a record pool of 36,843. Consequently, its acceptance rate dropped to 5.9% from 6.3% last year. These admitted applicants represent all 50 states as well as Washington, DC and Puerto Rico. They also represent 63 foreign countries and over 1,400 secondary schools.

Perhaps most impressively, Yale lowered its acceptance rate while increasing its class size by approximately 15%. This is due to the opening of the Pauli Murray and Benjamin Franklin colleges and continues a trend of 15% growth that started with the Class of 2021. Yale’s generous financial aid is largely responsible for this. For instance, the number of freshmen with federal Pell grants is up 98% from just five years ago. Currently, students with Pell grans represent 20% of the Class of 2022.

Is it any wonder that only 16% of recent Yale graduates had student debt? And, even then, it was a relatively paltry average of $13,050. And, yes, compared to the cost of attending just about any US college, $13,050 is not bad!

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