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1) A

The main idea of this passage is the role that non-hospital-based facilities should play in health care. Accordingly, A is the correct answer. It is the only choice that draws a conclusion about the role these institutions should play. B, C and D require inferences that are not supported by the passage. E is not in any way implied in the passage; remember that outside information is never needed to answer a reading comprehension question.

2) C

The author argues that small neighborhood diagnostic centers must not be allowed to gain an unfair business advantage over hospital emergency rooms by not having to shoulder the costs of caring for indigents. Answer choice D, despite the article’s reference to the “consequence of a failed session,” is too extreme to describe the author’s overall tone. An extreme answer like this is never likely to be the correct answer choice on the GMAT. A is incorrect because the passage takes a stand in favor of a specific position, and so cannot be characterized as neutral. B and E are simply not correct.

3) E

All 3 of these reasons are cited in the passage. Answer E is correct even though the 3 arguments are not cited in this order, with reason III (federal law) being cited near the beginning of the passage rather than at the end.

4) D

The author’s purpose in writing this passage is to inform the reader. Answer choice D is therefore correct because it says the author cited the failed legislation in order to inform the reader of something. Answer choice A makes an absolute and strongly-worded assertion. Its extreme tone alone should tell you that it can not be correct. Choice B is simply incorrect and it states a very strong opinion – something else the GMAT writers do not like test answers to do. Choice C is incorrect because it does not relate to the supporting fact referenced by the question. Choice E is simply not supported by the passage.