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US News just released its 2020 graduate school rankings. In this blog, we will briefly look at the rankings of graduate programs in engineering, nursing and education. (Please see our business school blog, law school blog and medical school blog for our thoughts on those respective rankings.)

Engineering School Rankings

Not surprisingly, there was little movement here. MIT, Stanford and Berkeley retained the top three spots, respectively. Carnegie Mellon took the fourth ranking and thus climbed back into the top 5. Caltech and Michigan tied for fifth place.

Nursing School Rankings

There is a three-way tie (Columbia, Yale and UNC) at number five. As a result, there are seven masters nursing programs that will be able to credibly claim they are top five for the next year. Additionally, the top four nursing programs are Johns Hopkins, Duke, University of Pennsylvania and Emory.

Education School Rankings

Harvard and University of Pennsylvania ranked one and two. The three-way tie at third place includes Stanford, UCLA and Wisconsin-Madison. Last year, UCLA ranked first. Furthermore, three years ago it was outside the top five.

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