Since 1996, AdmissionsConsultants has worked with thousands of applicants and has maximized their chances through our holistic approach to the admissions process and unique qualifications.

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Different graduate schools have different standards. No one person can possibly know them all. Our consultants’ collective experience covers the full range of top-tier graduate schools and programs. They share their knowledge and insights with each other – meaning that your application benefits not only from your consultant’s own expertise, but from the collective wisdom of a consultant network that has made, literally, tens of thousands of accept/reject/waitlist decisions.


All of our consultants have several years of admissions committee experience for the most selective graduate schools. In fact, they weren’t just simply admissions officers. They were at least Assistant Directors of Admission at these graduate schools. (Read: No ‘lightweights’ here!) They have interviewed applicants and they have made accept, reject, and waitlist decisions after reading the essays, personal statements, and letters of references, and reviewing the GRE scores and the body of the applications themselves. They quite literally know what differentiates a ‘median’ (50th percentile) applicant to a selective grad school from from an outstanding (10th to 20th percentile) applicant.

As a result, we know exactly what the admissions committees are looking for and how to best present your own unique ‘story’ to the schools.

We also understand the importance that your personal consultant will have in determining your admissions chances and helping you chart your future career goals. As a result, we only hire the most highly qualified consultants to work for our Firm. We review about 100 resumes for every 1 job applicant we call back. Then we only hire about 1 out of every 5 job applicants that we do call back. Offers are only extended to those who possess the proper knowledge of the admissions process, excellent writing and interpersonal skills, and a true sense of concern for their clients’ welfare.


Graduate school is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. AdmissionsConsultants aims to give you informed, ethical, and candid guidance on that investment. If your preferred schools are out of your league, we’ll tell you – and help you determine which schools are a better fit for you. If you are aiming too low, we’ll tell you – and help you reach out and grab that brass ring. If you are not suited to graduate school at all, we’ll tell you (nicely) – and help you identify options that might better serve your talents and goals.


We do far more than simply edit essays for grammar and style. We know full well that the graduate schools will receive plenty of applications that contain grammatically-correct essays and personal statements. In addition to ensuring that your essays have the proper content to best advocate your unique candidacy, we also advise you on graduate school selection, strategy and story formulation, letters of reference, resumes, application completion, and interview preparation. We know that the admissions committees are looking for more than just essays. We can assure you that the resumes, letters of reference and interviewer feedback are also reviewed when making accept, reject, and waitlist decisions. This is why our success rate is so high.


You might be a better candidate than you imagine. Your consultant will get to know you and will help you pull the most relevant stories from your past. We’ve heard our clients say over and over again, “I didn’t know that story was worth writing!” Yet sometimes that hidden gem in your past can make the difference. We’ll get to know you, and we will find the stories to make your grad school application stand out and help admissions officers appreciate you for the star that you are.


AdmissionsConsultants employs many graduate school admissions consultants. The only things they have in common are that they have a lot of admissions committee experience and they are extremely competent at helping their clients gain admission to their top-choice graduate schools.

We have consultants with admissions committee experience at Ivy League schools, Big 10 schools, large public universities, and small private graduate schools. Our consultants live all across the U.S. and we do meet clients in person when geographic distance is not an issue.

Call us at 1.800.809.0800 (+1 703.242.5885 outside the US and Canada) to find out which consultants have current availability. We probably have a consultant who is a very good match with your background.


It’s your future, your way. AdmissionsConsultants is flexible, providing you with your choice of consultants. There is one to suit your individual needs. Chances are good that you are balancing work and the application process. No problem … our consultants keep evening and weekend hours to fit your schedule.


We know you don’t have time to follow up on your consultant’s critique of your essays and applications. Our consultants have made a pledge to give you feedback within 72 hours (and that includes weekends and holidays). Due to the high caliber of our consultants, most applicants enjoy turnaround times within 48 hours.


Don’t be surprised if, when you win admittance to your preferred college, you find your consultant is as excited about it as you are. We’re human, too. We spend so much time with our clients that our consultants get personally attached to the admissions results.


We only require a one hour minimum payment to retain our services – we’re confident that you will become yet another satisfied client on the basis of that. You can then apply that one hour payment to the price of a multiple application package. These fixed-fee packages are explicitly designed to maximize your chances of law school admissions success. They provide comprehensive application support, including unlimited access to your consultant, and unlimited personal statement and/or essay revisions in keeping with the number of applications purchased. There are no hidden charges with us!

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