The how’s, when’s and what’s of applying for Graduate school. Use this handy feature to keep up to speed on what you need to do – and when.

School Selection
What you need to help you find the right graduate school for you is right here. Do you know what to look for? What to avoid? How to incorporate your career goals?

Personal Statement
From warnings about Spellchecker’s limitations to advice on sample personal statements to making your personal statement connect and finding your focus and personal ‘wow’ factors, we have what you’re looking for.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
You will find professional recommendations on GRE study guides, practice questions and answers, and more!

General Graduate School Admission Advice
This is where you will find pretty much every other graduate school feature content article we’ve written that doesn’t nicely and neatly fit into a category above. Your research compatibility factor, letters of recommendation, how your GPA affects your admission chances, dealing with shortcomings and much more is covered in this section.

Letters of Reference
Good letters of reference should help tie your application together and ensure the admissions committees get the best holistic view of your candidacy. We have articles on what they should include, who should write them and how recommenders should be managed.

Case Studies
Real students, real situations. Find out how our consultants helped these graduate school hopefuls overcome their obstacles and into their target schools!

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