Quick – what’s the final application deadline for the graduate programs you have your sights set on?

Are you sure about that? Absolutely sure?

Even if you think you know your deadlines, it’s not a bad idea to take a moment to double-check those dates now.

Grad school admissions are different from college admissions in many ways, large and small. One small, annoying, but crucial difference is that application calendars are much less standardized than undergraduate admissions are.

Whereas most colleges and universities set similar deadlines for undergraduate applications, the deadlines for graduate programs are all over the calendar. Deadlines vary considerably from one university to another. They may even differ significantly among various schools at the same university, or among different programs in the same school.

Make sure you know which deadlines you need to meet. The few minutes you spend checking those dates now can save you a lot of trouble later. You don’t want your first substantive communication with your target school to have to be a desperate request for a deadline extension.

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