Real students, real situations. Find out how our consultants helped these graduate school hopefuls overcome their obstacles and into their target schools!

Finding the Focus of a Personal Statement
One time I worked with an applicant who obviously had a lot of great attributes. She had done well in school despite having first to overcome a personal illness, and then cope with a serious illness in her family…

Making Your Vet School Dreams Come True
If you do not know where to start in the veterinary school admissions process, it can be very difficult and overwhelming. I had a client I’ll call Sarah, who was a good student, and she wanted to be a veterinarian. I started working with her in mid August. She wasn’t sure where to begin and she started with basic questions about the application process.

Making Your Personal Statement Connect
I often work with international students who are applying to competitive programs at U.S. graduate schools. Many of them run into the same two difficulties: one, writing a strong personal statement in English (when that isn’t their first language); and two, explaining something that Americans might interpret as a weakness in their school or work records.

Finding Your ‘Wow Factor’
I worked with a re-applicant a few seasons ago who was applying to political science programs. She had applied to schools on her own the previous year and been turned down by all of them. That experience had completely undermined her confidence. She worried she was ‘good enough,’ but not special enough, to get accepted to her target schools.

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