AdmissionsConsultants offers hourly block of time options as well as fixed-fee package options, as detailed on our services and fees page. We recognize that each applicant is unique and has unique admissions consulting needs. Different clients will want different things from our extensive list of admissions consulting services, which includes school selection, essay topic selection, essay editing, letter of reference advice, application review, and interview preparation. We have structured our billing to allow clients flexibility in the kind of amount of services they choose.

We invite prospective clients to call us for a complimentary assessment for starters. We realize that both college admissions and personal consulting services are new experiences for many students, and that many or our potential clients are therefore justifiably cautious about committing themselves to any program or service. We are also well aware that there are less than reputable firms doing admissions consulting business over the Internet. We feel the best way to put potential clients’ concerns to rest is to let them experience our services. Therefore we do not require a large initial payment or extended contract.

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