Not sure what graduate school program may be best suited to you? Confused about rankings? We can help you get started and narrow your search.

Be Thankful for Your Many Grad School Choices
One of the great things about pursuing graduate study in the U.S. is the wide variety of schools and programs that applicants have to choose from. No matter what your academic interests are or where you want to live, chances are good that there is a school out there that can make you happy.

Selecting the Best Graduate School for You
There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting graduate schools to apply to. Should you apply based on the school’s reputation? Geography? Specializations? Famous professors? Good basketball team?

Get the Most Out of Your Campus Visits
While wide-eyed college applicants are agog over things like student unions, athletic stadiums, dormitories, and dining halls, the life of a graduate student is different.

Are Accelerated Graduate Degree Programs Worth It?
Are you considering a 4 + 1 program to shave a year off a graduate degree? These programs are great. For some students…

Highlighting Your Research Compatibility Factor
Grad school applicants often underestimate the importance of identifying potential dissertation chairs and mentioning that match in their applications.

Which is Right for You? A Master’s or a Ph.D.?
Although master’s and doctoral degree programs are often grouped together in the category of “graduate education,” the two programs represent different educational experiences and often lead to different career paths. Anyone considering graduate school should give careful consideration as to which program is the better option for them.

How to Pick Your Target Graduate Schools
One of the most difficult aspects of the graduate school admissions process is having to pick a realistic number of target schools from the overwhelming number of programs and overlapping disciplines that there are to choose from. Summer is an excellent time to create your own personalized and prioritized checklist of the qualities you desire in your graduate program.

Look Beyond the Numbers
The problem with most post-graduate guides and directories is that they rely too much on numerical data to describe graduate programs.

Graduate School Guide Book Reviews
While our review page is not 100% comprehensive, we have identified several outstanding publications, based on our collective experience with graduate school selection as well as the feedback from our clients.

Keep Your Career Objectives in Mind
Two important criteria to consider when choosing the best-fit school is career objectives and outcomes.

Rankings Not the Only Measure of Grad School Quality
US News & World Report releases its annual graduate-school rankings each spring. Their release is, as always, timely for graduate-school applicants who are starting to focus on school selection for next year. But should they determine your school choice?

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