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Texas Tech is starting a veterinary school in Amarillo to address the severe shortage of veterinarians in Texas. So far, several industry groups and veterinarian groups in the state have endorsed the school. Guy Loneragan, DVM, is serving as the acting dean of the future vet college. Also, he noted the state’s only veterinary school, Texas A&M, produces about 25% of the vets needed by Texas. Additionally, many Texas residents apply out of state because those schools are actually closer to them. The new school in Amarillo will alleviate both of these issues.

Finally, Texas Tech plans to differentiate on cost. The university plans to partner with existing veterinary practices to provide hands-on teaching experiences for students. This less expensive alternative to a teaching hospital is crucial. Texas Tech University President Lawrence Schovanec stated, “[The proposed vet school] will be around $21,000 to $22,000 a year, much below the national average and even below what they’re charging at A&M, which is one of the best values in the country.” This new school is expected to open in Fall 2021.

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