If you do not know where to start in the veterinary school admissions process, it can be very difficult and overwhelming.

I had a client I’ll call Sarah, who was a good student, and she wanted to be a veterinarian. I started working with her in mid August. She wasn’t sure where to begin and she started with basic questions about the application process. Her applications were due October 1 and she had yet to look at the VMCAS application because she wasn’t even yet aware of it.

Sarah had a long list of referees. I assisted her with narrowing it down. We looked at her general personal statement and I quickly realized it had to be tailored to place more emphasis on her own voice. For supplemental applications, I encouraged her to focus on her background and plans for the future. Interviews were also a major concern, but we tackled them head on. We prepared for traditional panel and MMI interviews. Our advice on MMI interviews proved especially helpful. Sarah was invited for an interview at an international school. After the interview, she was thrilled to receive an offer as the acceptance made her realize that she was a competitive candidate.

We continued to send out supplemental applications throughout the fall and kept track of approaching deadlines. Schools left and right began to contact Sarah to schedule interviews. At the end of November, she had two offers. Of course, there were struggles. She received a rejection letter, but she did not let it cloud her ambitions. She encountered scheduling conflicts and she had to turn one interview down due to time and budget constraints. For one of the interviews, Sarah had to travel to a school near me. Since I didn’t want her to have to turn down another interview, I invited her to stay at my home to ensure she would be adequately rested.

By March, Sarah received an offer from her first-choice school. She had been placed on alternate lists and she would later receive offers from all of these schools. She ultimately decided to accept the offer from her first-choice school. Throughout our time together, Sarah often told me, “You told me that would happen,” or “You told me they’d ask me about that!” I laughed every time. I was happy that I was able to help her with the process. It was good to know that my advice helped her achieve her educational and career ambitions.

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