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About 140 LSAT test scores were lost

Unfortunately, it appears the test scores were lost for good.

A bad summer for standardized test companies looks like it’s getting even worse. The LSAC announced that roughly 140 LSAT test scores have been lost. (We’re not sure why the LSAC could not or would not provide the exact number of lost LSAT scores.) The lost scores were part of the online July test. It appears the first online test in May went more smoothly. Unfortunately, that will not provide any comfort to the approximately 140 LSAT test takers whose scores were lost.

The LSAC is asking the law schools to which the affected individuals are applying to take the lost LSAT scores into account when evaluating their applications. This will provide about as much comfort as the aforementioned fact that the online LSAT test in May went smoothly. It’s been one step forward and one step backward for the LSAT recently. If they don’t clamp down on their procedures, they could lose even more ground to the surging GRE test.

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