In Law School Application Volumes

Through the end of May, U.S. law school applicants are up 3.6%. More specifically, 59,228 U.S. applicants have applied to law school through the end of May this year. This compares to 57,169 who applied last year. The total number of applications submitted, however, tells a slightly different story. Through the end of May, applications are down 1.6%. In other words, 368,181 applications have been submitted by U.S. applicants this year compared to 374,023 last year.

It’s been a bit more of an applicant’s market and law schools are now much more generous with their financial aid packages. As a result, applicants are feeling they can be a bit more choosy with the schools they wish to target. Given the tighter bar passage requirements, we hope they are less willing to apply to low-tier schools that could be at risk of closing.

Finally, we want to leave you with a sense of perspective. Last year, 95% of applicants and 97% of applications were submitted by the end of May.

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