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2020 law school applications

2020 law school applications are up!

As of November 23, 2020 law school applications and law school applicants are both up. Specifically, law school applications are up 1.7% and law school applicants are up 4.9%. The average number of applications submitted has also increased. This year, the average law school applicant has already submitted 5.28 applications compared to last year’s average as of November 23 of 5.12. Please note we don’t consider this to be statistically significant. For perspective, at this time last year, 28% of the 2019 applicants had begun submitting applications and 22% of all of that season’s applications had been submitted.

It’s still early and the 2019 application volumes started off strong too but ended up a mixed bag with applicants up 3.3% and applications down 1.5%. Also worth noting is that roughly this time last year, law school applications were up 8.9% and law school applicants were up 3.8% from the 2018 application season. As a result, it’s entirely possible that the 2020 law school application season could finish at the same or even lower level than 2019.

We hope blog posts like this one alleviate some stress by helping at least some applicants better understand their particular law school application season. However, we also don’t want applicants to take this into consideration when making life-altering decisions such as whether or not to apply to law school or even how many law schools to target in the first place. Instead, we encourage you to do what is best for you. If you have high opportunity costs and it only makes sense to apply to one law school, then don’t let a statistic about the average number of law school applications submitted alter your decision to only target one school. Likewise, if you are not sure if law school is for you, don’t apply even if the application volume had dropped significantly.

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