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William Carney is a retired Emory law professor. Just over four years ago, he donated $1 million to the law school. He just asked the ABA and American Association of University Professors to censure Emory University School of Law. But wait. There’s more. Mr. Carney has also requested the ABA place Emory Law on academic probation.

Alas, this transpired because Emory Law suspended Paul Zwier, a professor, for uttering a racial slur. (And, yes, it was that racial slur.) William Carney contends this racial slur was used”in a context that was neither gratuitous nor directed at an individual as a slur.” Hence, he believes the suspension was a violation of Zwier’s academic freedom.

You are free to draw your own conclusions on this case. The Emory Wheel and The College Fix are two of many websites that have already documented the case in more detail than we care to do here.

We don’t have a good feel for how this may be resolved. However, we will keep you apprised of updates as they develop.

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