In Accreditation

Earlier today, the ABA announced it was stripping Thomas Jefferson School of Law of its accreditation. Sadly, the move does not come as a surprise to those who have followed the law schools.

Thomas Jefferson acquired a significant amount of debt when it built its $90 million building in East Village just as law school applications were starting to plummet. Additionally, its bar passage rate has been abysmal. Only 25% of its first-time test takers passed the California bar last year. It was the lowest bar passage rate of the state’s 21 ABA accredited schools. Furthermore, the school also had the lowest bar passage rate in 2017.

Thomas Jefferson has the right to appeal. Indeed, they have already indicated they will do so. Thomas Jefferson will remain ABA accredited during the appeals process. The school expects the appeals process to stretch into the fall. It’s worth noting the law school applied for state accreditation in case it lost its national (ABA) accreditation. This will allow grads to continue to sit for the California bar.

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