The Personal Statement
What you need to say, what you need to avoid saying, properly utilizing spellcheckers, sample personal statements and more!

Whether you’re applying to law school or just thinking about it, check out this handy timeline to make sure you’re on the road to success.

General Tips and Advice
Check here for general information on the process of applying to law school – from the type of degree to early admissions to school selection.

Return on Investment Advice
We have the help you need to determine if law school is the right investment decision for you. Do you know how to calculate your expected return on investment? How to handle your finances? How to incorporate career goals? Find out here.

School Selection Advice
What you need to help you find the right law school for you is right here. Do you know what to look for? What to avoid? How to incorporate career goals?

The Application Process
Everything you wanted to know – and then some – regarding the application process. Do you know what to include? What to avoid? How to incorporate career goals? Find out here.

Are you up to speed on your deadlines? Need some help figuring out what to focus on? Check here to make sure you’re on track

Financing and Acceptance
What it means to be ‘on hold,’ how to plan for financial aid while waiting for that acceptance letter, and what you could do if you don’t get in.

One of the most important factors in your application packet, go here to find out how admission committees see the LSAT, what it all means, and find some timely preparation advice.

Case Studies
Real people, real situations. Find out how our consultants helped applicants overcome difficulties and score admission to the law school of their dreams.

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