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Overcoming Low Grades and LSAT
I worked with a non-traditional student I’ll call Sam. He had an eclectic academic background, a low GPA, and an LSAT score well below the median for his target schools. Without the right approach to his application, he would be at a disadvantage when he applied to law school…

Foreign LL.M Re-applicant Goes 2 for 2 at Harvard and Stanford
Most international law school applicants need to get specific degrees from US universities in order to get a leg up on their career back home. For many, getting a LL.M is extremely important, especially from an elite school like Harvard or Stanford…

Overcoming a Serious Conduct Issue and Low Undergraduate GPA
How do you strategize your law school applications when you’re not the typical applicant? I had a client in exactly that situation. He was older than most candidates. He had a serious conduct issue in his past and he had worked most recently worked in a blue collar factory job. His undergraduate GPA was almost half a point below the median for the law schools he was considering…

Finding the Right Fit for a Nontraditional Candidate
One time I worked with a client who, in statistical terms, would have sunk from view in the applicant pool. His LSAT was below 160, and he had a 3.5-ish GPA from a decent but no-name college. It didn’t help matters that his major was considered very ‘soft.’

Highlighting Potential Mitigates Low LSAT
Schools aren’t just looking at your credentials and profile; they’re evaluating how you’ll also impact them in the long run. Will you be an active alumnus? Would you be a great representation of the school in the workforce?

Second Time’s a Success
Not too long ago, I had an applicant who had failed to get into any programs on his first try before coming to me. Because of this, we had to take a hard look at just what his application package was saying about him.

Putting Your Strengths in the Right Context
My client had graduated from one of the toughest programs in the country – a place that definitely does not practice grade inflation. His final GPA just topped 2.0. Unfortunately, his LSAT was about 163…

Utilizing the ‘Big Picture’
I’ve had many successful candidates cross my paths; most usually pursue the goal of getting into a top school through the usual path – good LSAT, good GPA, excellent application package. Occasionally, however, I work with a student who has the ‘big picture’ in mind and is more focused on their career direction after getting their degree.

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