Check here for general information on the process of applying to law school – from the types of degrees to early admissions to law school selection.

When Should You Apply?
You can apply to law school at any time – but when is the best time?

Is It Too Late to Apply?
The final deadlines to submit applications to the country’s top law schools are just around the corner – but savvy applicants already know that, at schools that practice rolling admissions, the ‘real’ deadline for fall admissions may already be past.

Early Admissions Option Can Benefit Law Applicants
Binding ED programs might be valuable if you’re absolutely sure you want to attend a specific school, but they’re not the right choice if you prefer to keep your options open.

3 Reasons to Plan on Applying Early for Next Fall
Most law schools will begin accepting applications for next fall’s admissions this September. Here are 3 reasons why smart applicants will count on submitting their applications soon after that date…

Don’t Wait for Final Deadlines to Apply
Admissions committees review applications as they come in and offer seats to qualified applicants as they are identified. Later applicants may find that there are no openings left.

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