Check here for general information on the process of applying to law school – from the types of degrees to early admissions to law school selection.

How Do I Find the Right Law School for Me?
You’ve made the big decision to enter law school. So now what? How do you figure out which schools to apply to?

What’s Involved in Applying to Law School?
There are five main components to the law school application: the LSAT, academic record, the personal statement, letters of recommendations and the resume.

Sincerity Is the Key to Compiling a Strong Activities Record
One of the great things about college is that you have the opportunity to get involved in all kinds of extracurricular activities. But that wealth of choices can almost be too much for students who are planning to apply to law school.

University of Michigan Law School Admissions Interview
AdmissionsConsultants is proud to present an exclusive 2-page interview with Sarah C. Zearfoss, assistant dean and director of admissions, University of Michigan Law School.

University of Virginia School of Law Admissions Interview
AdmissionsConsultants is proud to present an exclusive 2-page interview with Jason Wu Trujillo, Senior Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid, University of Virginia School of Law.

Early Admissions Option Can Benefit Law Applicants
Binding ED programs might be valuable if you’re absolutely sure you want to attend a specific school, but they’re not the right choice if you prefer to keep your options open.

3 Reasons to Plan on Applying Early for Next Fall
Most law schools will begin accepting applications for next fall’s admissions this September. Here are 3 reasons why smart applicants will count on submitting their applications soon after that date…

Maximizing Your Summer Internship
You’ve worked hard to get your summer associate position – but getting the job is just the beginning. It’s up to you to make the most of the opportunity now placed before you.

The Value of Pre Law School Work Experience
Applicants applying to law school represent a wide spectrum of differing academic and professional backgrounds. A large number of applicants now have 1 or 2 years of work experience before they even begin the process of applying to law school.

A Dual Degree – Is It Right For You?
Do dual degree programs, such as those that join a graduate business degree with a law degree (MBA/JD), make sense for students? Many applicants may wonder if these combined degrees are worth the time, effort and expense.

Rankings Shouldn’t Be Your Only Tool in Law School Selection
US News & World Report releases its annual law school rankings in the spring of each year. Their release is, as always, timely for law school applicants who are starting to focus on school selection for next year, but…

Thinking of a Joint Degree? Think Twice
Joint degree programs are becoming more common at U.S. law schools. Although combining a J.D. with a graduate degree in another field makes good sense for some applicants, we advise most people to think carefully before taking the plunge.

‘Online Personas’ Can Hurt Your Admissions Chances
Although many applicants are not aware of it, many of the top law schools actively monitor the various online admissions boards. Some schools even assign a staff person to regularly read the discussion boards. The impressions that admissions staff form of applicants who use the boards can influence some admissions outcomes.

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