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LSAT score cancellation hit 50% in July 2019!

LSAT score cancellation hit 50% in July 2019!

The numbers are in. Out of the 23,000 who took the July 2019 LSAT, roughly 11,500 of them opted to cancel their scores. That’s 50% and it’s significantly higher than our internal estimate. An estimate, by the way, that was surprisingly high to us. (Based on our conversations, we extrapolated that roughly 30% of the July test takers would cancel their scores. Perhaps many more July 2019 LSAT test takers had already determined they were going to cancel their scores and didn’t bother calling us to discuss their candidacies?)

Traditionally, about 3% to 4% of LSAT test takers will cancel their scores. However, the July LSAT was unique because half of the test takers were given the exam in the new computer format and the other half received the paper format for the final time. The students did not know in advance which version of the test they would take. Accordingly, the LSAC gave them the option of canceling their score after seeing it. (They had until September 4 to make their LSAT score cancellation decisions.)

The LSAT registration fee is $180. There’s an additional $100 fee if you register late. When the test prep costs and time are added in, it’s not an inexpensive test for anyone to take. If you want to know how you may perform on the ‘real test,’ there is a book with ten actual tests that can currently costs less than $25. Additionally, you can take those tests whenever you choose. In other words, you don’t have to wait for one of the test dates and nor do you have to travel to the closest testing location.

Please don’t register for a test if you are not confident you are capable of achieving a score that will help you accomplish your admissions goals. It’s a waste of time and money that could have perhaps been better spent on improving another aspect of candidacy. Finally, we ended up recommending against LSAT score cancellation to a large percentage of the applicants we talked to. As always, we offer complimentary assessments and we’re happy to talk to you too about your particular candidacy and what LSAT score you will need for your particular target schools.

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