“I’m often asked how many applications someone should submit to law schools,” says Senior Consultant Laura Dauchy. “Last year, the number of schools my clients applied to ranged from 1 to 24. For most applicants, I think the ideal number falls somewhere in the middle of that range.

“Many law school applicants’ choices are limited by location. For example, many non-traditional applicants are already established within their community and are unable to move to attend law school. In that case, I typically recommend they apply to the schools in their area where they would be competitive, plus a reach and a safety, if possible. In many locations, that might only mean applying to one or two schools – but, fortunately, it only takes one admit letter to attend law school.

“For applicants who are willing to move, I recommend they think about where they want to live upon graduation. Since most law school graduates stay and work within the region of their law school, I think it is important to consider your career prospects and goals when considering a law school.

“Applicants who apply to a variety of geographic regions end up applying to the most law schools. I recommend these applicants target each of the regions separately. For example, if you are considering Ohio, Chicago and Texas, you should identify, research and consider a wide range of schools in each one of those areas. I recommend applying to a spectrum of schools – from reach schools to safeties – in each region. That way you will have some options in the spring.

“One mistake that a lot of people make is to apply to every law school in a given city or area, hoping that they will get into one of them. I can’t tell you how many times that leads to applicants applying to schools that they would never consider attending. Rather than applying to every school in a city, I recommend researching all of the schools you are considering. A campus visit is a great way to determine if you would like to attend a particular school. Visiting and researching schools online are also great ways to eliminate possible schools from your application list.”

– Laura Dauchy, JD is the former Associate Director of Admissions at Seton Hall Law School.

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