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In news that should not shock anyone, it’s not easy to be a conservative at Yale Law School. In an article on the Federalist, third-year student Aaron Haviland details some of the snarky vitriol he encountered at Yale. Furthermore, his optimism he could “reasonably disagree with and learn from my peers” waned significantly.

For the record, this student’s experience is not necessarily unique to Yale. Most law schools are similarly left leaning. We have always supported the polite discourse of differing views. We believe it is a cornerstone of academic rigor. A cornerstone that may be most integral to legal education nonetheless.

We understand most applicants to Yale are more liberal and progressive than Mr Haviland. Furthermore, we also understand conservative applicants are not going there blind either. In conclusion, we hope that Mr. Haviland’s tale will help law school applicants on both sides of the political spectrum better understand two things. First, the ramifications of their actions. And second, manage their expectations of their law school experiences.

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