In Law School Application Volumes

It turns out the ‘Trump Effect’ may be a bit overrated. Through the end of February, 45,178 law school applicants submitted 289,664 applications. Consequently, 2019 law school applicants are up a scant 0.5% over the 2018 year-to-date number. Meanwhile, the total applications are actually down by a slight 0.3%. For reference, last year 72% of applicants had submitted 75% of the applications by February 28.

The applicant trend looks a bit different when you examine the LSAT scores. The word about the 150 LSAT cut off is getting around. Applicants with LSAT scores south of 150 declined by 5.5%. If your targeting the top law schools, you should be happy to learn that applicants with LSAT scores at or above 170 declined by 7.1%. Despite the 633 fewer applicants with LSAT scores below 150 and the 217 fewer applicants with LSATs at or above 170, the growth in the middle range yielded an additional 833 applicants over last year.

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