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Beginning in September, test takers will not be able to take the LSAT more than three times in a year or five times in five years. This represents a rather quick reversal of the LSAC’s move in 2017. That was when the LSAC eliminated the cap on how many times the LSAT could be taken. Fortunately, this new rule is only forward looking. Consequently, tests taken prior to September will not count toward the new limit.

The LSAC stated that they believe this new rule will only affect about 1% of test takers. We believe they are looking to save money by recycling test questions now that they will be offering the LSAT ten times a year.

If prospective law school applicants only take the LSAT when they feel adequately prepared, this will not affect them. We further believe this is meant to thwart LSAT tutors and instructors looking to see what questions may be repeated.

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