One of the most important factors in your application packet, go here to find out how admission committees see the LSAT, what it all means, and find some timely preparation advice.

LSAT Preparation
Review our helpful tips and practice questions and answer explanations if you wish to augment your current LSAT preparations.

LSAT Book Reviews
We have received feedback from thousands of clients and alumni about which LSAT books are really most effective.

LSAT Test Structure
A look at how the LSAT is structure, what kinds of sections you can expect, and how the test is scored.

LSAT Tips and Advice
A few people will have already acquired the skills tested by the LSAT at some other point in life, but most people will need to study hard in order to get a high score on the LSAT. Follow these timely preparation tips to maximize your LSAT study experience.

LSAT Test Day Tips
Ready to take the LSAT? Check out these timely test day tips.

Putting Multiple LSAT Scores in Context
The American Bar Association now requires that law schools report only the higher LSAT score for repeat test-takers when they report the statistics for their entering classes. This change in reporting will benefit both applicants and the law schools – though not in the ways that some people have suggested.

You’ve Completed the LSAT – Now What?
If you just took the LSAT, congratulations to you! Now what do you do while you wait for the results?

Your LSAT Score – As the AdComm Sees It
The first thing many applicants do when they receive their LSAT test score report is to check whether it falls into the LSAT range of previously admitted students at their target schools. If it does, they relax. If it doesn’t, they panic.

Case Study: Highlighting Potential Mitigates Low LSAT
Schools aren’t just looking at your credentials and profile; they’re evaluating how you’ll also impact them in the long run. Will you be an active alumnus? Would you be a great representation of the school in the workforce?

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