In Accreditation

The hits just seem to keep coming for Florida Coastal School of Law. Just over a year ago, the school was seeking a restraining order against the ABA over its accreditation issues. Fast forward one year and, right on the heels of the rejection of their ABA application to convert to nonprofit status, the school’s president resigned. Now there is a lawsuit as reported by the Jax Daily Record.

According to the lawsuit, the former student is suing Florida Coastal for $500,000 on the allegation the school attempted to artificially inflate its bar passage rates.

“The plaintiff alleges that halfway through her time at the school, Florida Coastal changed its passing and graduation requirements; that she was forced to enroll in a Bar examination preparation course; and that Florida Coastal repeatedly changed the passing requirements for the course between semesters.”

Obviously, we’re not going to comment on allegations. However, we hope this whole lawsuit serves as a stark reminder to prospective applicants to very carefully vet any law schools they are considering. Proper due diligence can minimize the chances that you may find yourself in a position similar to the one alleged in this latest lawsuit.

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