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Weil, Gotshal & Manges is committing $1 million a year to a public interest program for law school admittees. Students admitted to Columbia, Duke, Georgetown, NYU and Penn are eligible for this program. Furthermore, the ten, successful applicants will receive $100,000. Of that amount, $50,000 is for salary and $10,000 is for a scholarship. The remainder goes to the nonprofit employer. Of course, Weil expects that employer to use those funds to create a benefits packager for the sponsored employee.

If this sounds good so far, here’s the “But wait there’s more!” part. In addition to the funding, the students also receive mentorship from Weil. Moreover, the students will be eligible for Weil’s summer associate program. However, there is absolutely no expectation that the students will ever work for Weil.

If you are interested in public work, but not one of the participant schools, don’t despair. The law firm plans to roll this program out to law schools across the nation as well as internationally in time. Finally, while other law firms have similar programs, this one is different for two reasons. Firstly, it targets admittees. As a result, students can get an earlier start in public interest and plan their entire law school education accordingly. Secondly, this public interest program has no future employment conditions.

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