Penn State Law at University Park has joined the growing list of law schools accepting the GRE. However, only joint-degree applicants will be able to submit the GRE. Furthermore, these applicants must meet two academic requirements. First, a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.5 and, second, a GRE score at or above the 85 percentile. Dean Hari M. Osofsky stated, “Our new pilot program to allow for personalized joint degrees combined with accepting the GRE helps our students take full advantage of the interdisciplinary opportunities at Penn State.”

To clarify, we have never been fans of LSAT only admissions. However, we don’t want any of our readers to pursue an unnecessary second degree just to get out of taking the LSAT. To be clear, every joint-degree program at Penn State is reputable. What is equally clear is that those same programs are not going to be great fits for everyone. Please be sure to consider your unique needs, interests and career goals when choosing your educational path.

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