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It’s out with the new and in with the old at the University of Alabama. That is, after the University of Alabama Chancellor Finis St. John recommended trustees return a record $26.5 million donation. As it turns out, it appears Hugh Culverhouse, Jr may have been attempting to micromanage the law school. The trustees meet next week. They will likely approve the chancellor’s request. They will also likely change the the law school’s name back to the University of Alabama School of Law.

The Culverhouse donation should have served two purposes. First, to help students graduate with less debt. Secondly, help the law school be more selective in the admission process. Back in September we reported, “Both Culverhouse and Alabama believe this gift can help propel the law school into the T14.” The University of Alabama may still propel its law school into the T14. It’s just likely to be a longer, more drawn-out process now.

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