Here are the specializations our consultants possess:

  • Top Tier Law Schools
  • Lower Tier Law Schools
  • LL.M. Programs
  • Joint Degree Applicants
  • Transfer Applicants

While all of our consultants have at least 3 years of full-time admissions committee experience. While we have consultants who have served as Directors and Deans of admissions offices, more importantly they have the minimum three years of experience, i.e. they weren’t hired in as director and then left after 13 or 14 months. Additionally, we understand that not everyone is looking at the very top programs, so we have consultants that cover a wide spectrum of the more popular “ranking tiers.”

We are especially pleased to offer the services of a consultant who has solid LL.M admissions committee experience. This is very important to prospective LL.M. students because, at most law schools, completely separate admissions committees evaluate J.D. and LL.M. applications, with each committee following its own standards and preferences.

AdmissionsConsultants brings together a wide network of law school admissions consultants. They speak regularly with each other and share their knowledge of news and developments in law school admissions. This makes them even more knowledgeable as a group than they are as individuals, and is an additional reason why we are able to truly maximize our clients’ chances.

All of our consultants are extremely talented. We talk with prospective clients about the background and expertise of consultants with current availability, in order to help them select the best consultant for their particular needs. We do not charge a premium for this matching service. We only ask that prospective clients understand that our consultants can only work with a relatively small number of active applicants at any one time, and that a consultant you prefer to work with may not be currently available to accept new clients. We are happy to put clients on a waiting list for the services of a particular consultant, or to direct them to another qualified consultant. We cannot, however, ask our consultants to take on more clients than they can reasonably handle at one time. After all, we do have our promise of a maximum 72 hour turnaround time – including weekends and holidays – to keep, to all our clients!

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