The following comments represent some of the unsolicited feedback we receive each year. They provide an idea of some of the challenges our clients have faced, and of how our consultants have helped them gain admission to their top-choice law schools. We may correct typographical errors or misspellings, and will change or withhold details to protect client privacy, but otherwise do not edit these comments.

“Hi Amy,

I have been admitted to Harvard! I am soooooooooooo happy! You cannot believe how thrilled I am. The admissions office has contacted me and they are extremely kind to me! This is really amazing! I am moving to Boston and going to Harvard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kind regards,” C, France

“Hi Heike,

I am deciding right now between Harvard and Stanford. Such a hard choice. Do you have any input? I went to Stanford’s admit weekend (and loved it!) but it was on the same weekend’s as Harvard. I don’t know if I am crazy to turn Harvard down. What kind of feedback have you gotten from former clients who attended either schools? Let me know and thanks again for all of your help!” A, MA

“I got into Yale and I couldn’t be more excited. Your advice was spot on and you were very reassuring throughout the whole process. I consider you a dear friend. Call me if you are ever in New Haven.

All the best,” J, TX

“Hi Kim,

Apologies for the delayed response. First, I would like to say that I had a wonderful experience working with Heike. Her input helped me get some great ideas for topics and also really helped enhance the quality of my writing. So far, the admissions process has gone very well. I have received acceptances from Chicago, NYU, Duke, Georgetown, and George Washington. Harvard has placed me on hold status. I am still waiting for decisions from Yale, Columbia, Virginia, Penn, Michigan, and Northwestern. I could not be happier with how the process has gone so far.


“Hi Laura, I have some great news. I wanted to call to thank you personally for all your help but I understand that you have a very busy schedule and I don’t have your number. I was accepted to Michigan State College of Law. I am so excited and can’t thank you enough that I was able to get into my top choice. You’re tips really made a difference.” G, MA

“Hi Kim —

Amy was very helpful. She worked hard during our time together to maximize the positive impact her input had on my application package.

I’m convinced she helped me not only get into my top target school, but also to secure a $13,000 per year scholarship, and I’m most grateful for her honest and thoughtful guidance.

<p”>If you do a satisfaction survey or anything, I’d be glad to do it, and feel free to use my first name and a quote for a testimonial if you’d like — I can also give you a different quote if you’d like.

Thanks for the follow-up.” R, IL

“Heike is an extremely helpful and valuable consultant. I am 100% satisfied in her work to date. She is obviously very knowledgeable and experienced and knows how to convey that experience. I appreciate her honest assessments and feedback thus far.

Heike has verified my top school choice is within reach and that my alternates are appropriate. My resume is completed and I used her feedback to select the 2 best candidates for letters of recommendation. I have met with each and they are in the final stages of writing the letters. I have begun filling out the basic information on the LSAC website for my applications.

My last major hurdle is the personal statement which I am working on presently and will be submitting a rough draft soon for her review. This is turning out to be much more challenging than I imagined but I am confident that the feedback provided by Heike will help me through this stage.

Again, I am 100% satisfied and I won’t hesitate to recommend your company to any of my friends.” H, PA

“Hi Kim,

As of now, I’ve been admitted to one of my “reasonable” schools and rejected from a “reach.” I still have about a dozen or so schools I’m waiting to hear from.

Thanks very much.” C, VA

“Dear Kim,

First of all, my sincere apologize for the long delay. 2011 is running really fast and I did not have the right moment to write to you the feedback about Amy that you deserve.

I would like to thank you (as Director of Operations) and Amy for the great job you have done, especially Amy. She was great, very professional, attentive, straight to the point, definitely helping me to pass through the exhausted application processes. My profile is not quite simple and I think Amy managed very well in emphasize the right points. Furthermore, she handles all this process in a very effective way, acting serenely in my moments of anxiety.

It is very hard elaborating any criticism about her and right now I don’t have any point to stress out. I don’t know if law schools give feed back to the applicant afterwards, but if they give, I will be more than happy sharing with you those to check if our strategy was correct.

I know that the pool of good applicants is huge, but I really hope that I can be accepted in some of Law Schools that I applied. Now is fingers crossed!

If someone asks me about your services, I absolutely recommend you and Amy. If you have any other question about my experience, please let me know.

Thank you very much!” P, NY


I can not thank you enough for all of your help during this process. You have not only been great but have also been constantly available and given me unparalleled advice. I really appreciate just how above and beyond you have gone and the ways in which you have aided me through this entire process.

Of course, I will let you know when I make my final decision and will update you when I hear from Cornell and when I hear back from Fordham regarding money.

Beyond this, I wanted to let you know that if you ever need a recommendation to other students, to the company or for your own personal use it would be my pleasure to write something.

Thanks so much for everything and I hope to talk to you soon!” A, NY

“Hi Kim,

Laura did a great job helping me and I am definitely a better candidate now then I was a few days ago. I sent her a ton of material and filled out the questionnaire. Laura put the time into reviewing the material to make the consultation highly focused and seemed to really care about me. I really appreciate all her help as well as David’s assistance.

Toward the completion of my applications in two weeks, I may need to have an additional summary telephone conversation with Laura. We’ll be in touch. Thank you for your help.

Best,” E, NJ



“Hi Amy,

I hope you have been doing well. I’m sure things are busy for you again as application time quickly approaches. Have you made your move back to LA yet? Anyways, sorry for not emailing you sooner – for some reason I thought I had!

So I will be attending UNC Law in the fall. I honestly could not be happier with my decision! I actually got a small scholarship from them and am working on getting in-state tuition for my 2L and 3L year. I visited with my parents during the long weekend and showed them around and found a nice apartment. That trip definitely reconfirmed my love for Chapel Hill and UNC Law! You were right in your email back to me once I had gotten in back in January – it’s the perfect fit for me. Ironically, my cousin is starting at UNC for his MBA next year too.

Remembering back to the fall two years ago, I know I would never have expected this result. I can’t thank you enough for your help over this long process. Please have any of your future clients who are thinking about Carolina get in touch with me if they have any questions or concerns.

Take care!” L, NJ

“Hello Heike,

I hope your vacation in Mexico was relaxing. I am sure it was. I have not talked to you in a while so I thought say Hi. I am writing my letters of intent to the schools and sending them today through e-mail. I have been accepted to Appalachian, Western New England, Widener, Phoenix, Charlotte, and Mississippi, and NSU. Well I guess my letter was not good enough to make it on your company’s web site (Testimonials). Oh well, its purpose was served because it brightened your day. Well let me know how you are and be well.” S, DE

“I got in off of the GW Law waitlist! So going there. Thanks for your help!” A, NY

“Hello Heike and Chris,

Just wanted to let you know that I was admitted at Tulane Law and also at their School of Social Work so hopefully this fall I will begin my JD/MSW dual degree.

I was also accepted at Syracuse and Univ. South Carolina, with a 50% academic scholarship. Thanks for all of your help!” V, NJ

I am writing to let you know that I was ACCEPTED to University of Miami School of Law last week! I am so excited and grateful to you, as you know this was my top choice. I cannot imagine a better outcome to what has been a truly trying year! I was originally put on “hold” (i.e. waitlisted) . I wrote (what I consider to be) a very convincing letter of continued interest and, two weeks later, I got my acceptance notification! I just paid my full seat deposit and have even begun the recommended summer reading- I’m really determined to excel there!

Thank you SO SO much for all your help along the way. You not only assisted me apply in an incredibly short, rushed amount of time, but also helped me miraculously get into my first choice!

Even though I have my seat at Miami for next year, I wanted to let you know the outcomes with the other schools as well. Thanks again for EVERYTHING!

Best,” K, FL

“Hi Amy,

I just got an email… I’m IN at Tulane!!!!!! 🙂 I’m going to be traveling a lot the next few days (Bombay tomorrow for the first time!) but wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know. First thing my mom said was “Email Amy, she’ll be very happy!” I know I definitely am, especially to hear back SO early! I couldn’t have done it without your help!

Hope all is well!” T, MS

“Hi Chris,

I have been very impressed by the quality and effectiveness of advice Heike has given me. It has improved my application significantly and improved my chances of getting into Harvard.

If unsuccessful with my LLM application, I will most definitely be using Heike’s services for my MBA applications.

Thanks again” A, Australia

I just wanted to let you know that I received a wonderful message yesterday afternoon from Dean Post at Penn Law letting me know that I have been admitted to the class of 2013! I am so elated, words cannot express! I was wondering if you would have time tonight for a phone call? Hope to speak with you soon.

Best,” K, CA

“I wanted you to be the first to know that I just got accepted to the University of Denver with a scholarship! Of course, I’m still waiting on all of the others. But, at least I know that I won’t have to rely on any safety schools and I got in somewhere. Your guidance was priceless. I couldn’t have done all of this without you. I’ll let you know what is happening as I hear. But, getting my first acceptance was kind of exciting.

Have a Wonderful Holiday!” A, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I got accepted to Northwestern!

I definitely couldn’t have done it without your help – thank you so much for everything!” P, Canada

“Hey Amy,

Just saw this email in my inbox!!! It’s 3:30 pm here in India, middle of the night in the US… I’m VERY excited but reserving most of my excitement until I can call the admissions office once it opens to confirm my acceptance to UNC.

Hoping for a confirmation in a few hours – but I am EXTREMELY excited about the prospects of UNC!!! 🙂

Thanks,” A, India

“Hey Heike!

Happy Holidays!! I was just checking in to say hi. I wanted to fill you in on my success for law schools. Currently I have been accepted to Case Western, Capital University, Missouri and John Marshall. At this point I am looking to visit then hopefully attend Case Western up in Cleveland. I just want to thank you for all your help and assistance, I greatly appreciate everything you have done!!”


“Dear Admissions Consultants,

I wanted to write Admissions Consultants to thank you and Heike for your services. Heike is not only great at consulting, she is also a great person to work with. I have to be honest, at first I was not sure if I wanted to spend the money for a consultant, but after the fact, this was one of the best investments I have ever made. Heike guided me through the whole process and fixed multiple errors on my part. She has also always been very honest and prompt in her assessments. I believe I was a tough nut to crack, so I have to give credit where credit is due. I did not have much going for me from the very beginning. Not only have I been out of school for 8 yrs with no law experience but I have also pled guilty to a 2nd degree felony, couple that with a 151 LSAT and a 3.04 GPA from my graduating school, my chances getting accepted anywhere were bleak, I thought. Because of Heike’s guidance I have been accepted to 3 schools, wait listed at 2, and more to come. Most importantly I have been accepted to my top choice school, Widener University. So I just wanted to say, ‘Thank you Heike’.” P, NJ

“Today was our first day of orientation [at University of Colorado]. I am excited and less concerned about my LSAT discrepancy. I have realized that law school is pretty tough for everyone. It is going to be difficult, but I feel my chance of succeeding is as good as anyone else’s. The more I hear from different people I have met through the decision process the more I am convinced that I made the best decision for me. I’m totally fired up for law school! Your help was invaluable! I couldn’t have gotten into all the schools I did without you!

I hope your year has started out on a positive note! Even though I have already started school, would it be okay to e-mail you on occasion with a question or concern? I realize that my school has great resources, but sometimes I value an outside opinion. I always enjoy hearing from you!

Thanks For Everything,” T, CO

“Hey Kim,

Thanks for your email. So far so good. I was recently accepted into Boston College Law and am still waiting to hear back from GW Law – my first choice.

My numbers are respectable, but on the lower end of the scale. I view my acceptance into BC Law as evidence of the power of my supporting materials and a credit to the guidance and edits.

Best,” H, PA


I just wanted to let you know I was accepted to Rutgers this afternoon. Thank you so much for your advice and what was more assistance than I expected from the website, it was such a massive relief knowing I was submitting the best application I could.

Thank you again!!” G, NJ

“Hey Heike!

I thought I would let you know that I will be attending Georgetown in the fall. I was invited to interview, and ended up doing a last minute switch to ED. I just found out today, so I will definitely be going there. Also, I got engaged! Thanks again for all your help and support, I’ll let you know if anything else comes up.

Best,” J, TX

“Thanks Kim, I have gone ahead and made my purchase via internet. I must let you know from a customer service standpoint I am seriously impressed with the ease and quick turn around of your service.” T, CA

“Hi Kim!

Heike was amazing. She did more time than she was paid for. She helped me make my lengthy and wordy personal statements into a concise, effective reflection of myself. She was also amazing with my resume. The way she did the hour was very effective since I first emailed her my stuff, she commented on my PS and we went over it together to cut out a page. So basically, she showed me how to present myself in a concise, effective manner, something that a law student must be able to do. Thanks so much! Have a great day! Best,” H, CA

Just wanted to share some great news with you, which is that I was recently accepted at Michigan. I considered this a bit of a “reach” school, so it really is quite exciting. Michigan actually seems like a terrific fit for me.

At any rate, I wanted to thank you again for helping me to put together a strong application package.

All the best,” A, NY

“Hi Heike,

I got into Harvard!!!!!!! I had my doubts, but you were absolutely right. Thank you so much for all your help. I cannot even count the huge number of ways you helped with my application. I can confidently say that this would not be happening if it were not for you. Hope to tell you more good news soon.” M, FL


I’ll definitely be going to Notre Dame, no matter what. Thank you SO MUCH for all of your help during the admissions cycle. My entire family says this is the best investment we’ve ever made.” J, NC

“Hi Maria,

I was admitted to at least 13 schools in the top 30, with more than 5 of those in the top 10. I am exceptionally pleased to note that I will attending the University of Pennsylvania in the fall.” A, PA


I really can’t express how grateful I am. Everything you’ve done to get me into law school paid off and regardless of the outcome of my other apps, I’ll be going to a great law school. I know I couldn’t have gotten in there without you, your help was an invaluable resource and was easily the best investment I’ve made on my journey to law school.

Thank you so much!” J, CA

“Hi Heike,

I got into Georgetown!!! I got my acceptance letter yesterday. Thanks so much for your help and counsel, I feel like your help made a huge difference.” M, NC

“2/09 in at Penn, Northwestern, UCLA WL at Columbia 3/09 Hold at U of C 5/09 60k from Penn 6/09 accepted off WL at Chicago w/ 15k Start classes at Chicago in 62 days. Thanks for your help!” J, IL

Hello. I’m writing to thank you again for all your help on my applications. During the course if the summer, I was admitted to Fordham, Cardozo, GW, and BU Law. 🙂 I was able to use those acceptances to leverage a full ride at Brooklyn Law. I’m now in my third week here and I’m very happy. None of that would have happened without your help.” J, NY


I was accepted at University of Georgia! I’m so happy. Thank you so much for helping me! My dream is coming real and I can hardly believe it!” J, NC

“Hey Amy,

I hope that your holiday festivities went well. Sorry, I had meant to send you a message but got caught up with finals, Christmas, and some other great news! Since last communicating I have received an acceptance to William Mitchell Law School which was one of my top choices. Thank you so much for all of your help throughout the application process, I truly believe that your guidance helped me to understand what the committee was looking for and take my application to the next level. Again, thank you for your guidance.” D, NC

“Hey Heike,

So, first off, thank you SO much for everything! You’ve been tremendously helpful and I really appreciate all of the time you’ve spent with my application/just chatting with me!

In other news, I GOT INTO CORNELL LAW SCHOOL!!! Thanks for helping me do so!

Warm wishes,” N, FL

“Dear Derek,

I have to thank you again. I spoke to my son this AM. He now not only agrees with and understands what you are saying but is approaching the task with enthusiasm.

Hope you get VERY MUCH more business – you deserve it and your students will prosper from the association.” H, FL

“Hi Heike,

I just wanted to tell you that I got accepted into Baltimore and New England Law School‘s program!! I am so happy and want to thank you so much for all of your help and support!” K, CA

I just wanted to thank you again for all your helpful editing with my personal statement and University of Pennsylvania essay this past summer. When I go back and look at the first draft and then my finished product, it’s amazing how much better the writing became just from your suggestions.

I got a phone call from Penn’s admission office telling me I’ve been accepted for the class of 2012! I couldn’t be more thrilled. Regards,” G, PA

“Hi Heike,

Thank you again, sincerely, for all of your help. I’d recommend your services to any of my friends who are planning to apply to law school, and it’s been so nice to know that there’s been someone to help me.

Best regards,” D, MD

Dear Maria,

I am very glad I found Admissions Consultants. I have a strong academic background and when I start to get denials after denials I started to panic and I knew then that something must have gone wrong in my application. I started to get extremely nervous and feared the worst because I was like a person groping in the dark, trying to make sense of all that has gone wrong.

I was very thankful to be assigned Amy as my consultant. Through her experienced eyes she very quickly discovered the errors and oversight in my applications and she offered very useful advice on how to rectify the errors. Knowing where I have erred calmed me down a lot; and despite knowing that it is probably too late to do anything about my applications, I feel more confident knowing that it wasn’t anything wrong with me that my applications were rejected – only that I have not presented it in the best light to show myself as a competitive applicant.

I highly recommend Amy as a consultant. She is highly experienced and gives sound and practical advice. On top of that she is warm, helpful and persuasive. She also possesses high counseling qualities that help in soothing and reassuring a panic stricken applicant like me.

J, Malaysia

“Hey, I thought you might be interested in the results of all my applications so here you go!

Ave Maria
Indiana University – Bloomington
Lewis & Clark
Santa Clara
UC Hastings
University of Miami
University of San Diego
University of San Francisco
University of South Carolina

University of Virginia
William & Mary

I’m still waiting to hear back from University of Southern Cal. As of right now I have sent in my deposit for UC Hastings! My first choice is UVA so if they let me in I’m definitly going there but that’s not something I can bank on. Anyways, thanks again for your help. Hope all is well.

Best,” M, CA

“Hi Heike,

I’m happy to report that I’m heading to Stanford for the JD/MBA program! On the law school front, I also got into to Harvard and Columbia (with the Sharp scholarship), but Stanford was always at the top of the list.

Thanks again for all of your help. I definitely think your insight was critical in helping me polish up my application – and it seems like it worked!” Z, GA

“I GOT INTO MICHIGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“I was lucky enough to work with Heike. She was extremely dedicated and encouraging. However, I’m grateful for her honest assessment as well. She helped me with numerous drafts for my personal statement and gave me very useful feedback on how to highlight my strengths.

She is an expert in what she does. Heike was always prompt with her replies and this was tremendously helpful for rolling deadline purposes. She helped alleviate the experience of an extremely difficult process to make it a lot less stressful. I was able to get into a reach school and I cannot be happier. I would highly recommend Heike to anyone applying to law school for the best results!” S, NJ

All those letters paid off. Either way I got [into] the school [Columbia Law School] I wanted and into the best school I had a shot at. Thanks for everything,” M, AK

“Hi Heike,

I got into Georgetown!!! I got my acceptance letter yesterday. Thanks so much for your help and counsel, I feel like your help made a huge difference.” M, NC

The end of the road indeed. It has certainly been a pleasure to work with you as well. I have felt this to be a worthwhile experience. I will certainly let you know as my decisions roll in. I’m sure you know that I too am looking forward to it!

I want to tell you that I greatly appreciate all of your help. You have helped me to get the best out of myself – not such an easy task believe it or not. I often am willing to settle for pretty good, which by any other standard is usually good enough. In this case, I am glad to have created the best applications I possibly could have created. It helps to have a bit of peace of mind.

Thanks again, and I hope to relay good news to you in the near future! Best Wishes,” J, CA


Got an email saying I’m in at Duke. That was easy… They can’t send me an official letter yet, because they needed to forward my application to the Psych department since I applied for a JD/MA, and the psych department might not review until January. Thought I’d let you know!” S, VA

“Hey Amy!

Just wanted to let you know that I did end up at American. I was deciding between here, Case Western, and Brooklyn (where I was admitted off the wait list), and American/ Washington DC won out. I probably would have gone to William & Mary if they had let me in off the wait list, but apparently they were over enrolled for this year. I think it was probably for the better, though, because so far I am loving DC and AU. Thanks again for all of your help!” E, NY

I landed at Brooklyn Law so I guess alls well that ends well we targeted them and it worked out well so I’m happy. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you I have been trying to get settled and doing orientation activities etc etc… Thanks again for the assistance with the process in a word you rocked I would likely have been far less successful in the absence of your assistance.” H, NY</p>

Just wanted to give you a quick update on my status. So far, I have been accepted to GeorgetownGeorge WashingtonNorthwesternWashU (w/ full scholarship) and Michigan (w/ invitation to apply for a scholarship). I’m still waiting to hear from ColumbiaChicagoPennCornell, and Harvard. Anyway, thank you again for everything you did for me and my applications. I don’t think I would have such good news to report if it hadn’t been for your help. I hope the cycle is going well for you and your other clients.

Best,” M, GA

Just thought I’d let you know that I’ got into Georgetown and NYU this week! Regarding my ‘extensive campus involvement’ – your advice about lengthening that portion of my resume clearly worked!

Happy holidays! I’ll keep you updated!” P, DC

“It’s been a very exciting past 2 months for me. As of last Tuesday, I was accepted at every school I applied to, all 14 of them, including University of Chicago, Michigan, Northwestern, Duke, and Georgetown. I’m still in the process of talking to people and visiting schools to decide where I want to go, but I’m leaning towards Chicago right now. I will let you know when I make my final decision.

Thank you so much for you help. It really boosted my confidence. I would (and will) recommend you to anyone I know who is applying to law school!” A, CA

Great news! I just received the Columbia ED acceptance! I’ll have to immediately withdraw all my other applications, including my acceptances to Duke and Georgetown.

I can’t express how thankful I am to you for all the help and guidance you provided throughout the process. I have no doubt in my mind that it made a huge difference for me. Thanks again!

Best,” W, NY

“Hi Amy,

I just received a favorable admit letter from Ohio State U. It says that, We are pleased to inform you that you have been favorably recommended for admission to the Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law for Autumn 2008. Sincerely,”   Z, China

“Hi Amy,

I was accepted at Tulane and I’m going. I visited the school last week and I was very impressed. New Orleans seems to be a great city and I’m excited. Thanks for your input.” J, TN

Thanx for emailing, I wanted to let you know I got into Syracuse, Hofstra, Florida Coastal and Howard. I also received a $15,000 merit Scholarship from Howard. I wanted to thank you for all your help in the process.” S, TX

I received the binder accepting me into Yale Law School today!! YES!!!!!

Thank you very much!!!” B, CT

“Heike –

Well, this is also a nice Christmas present [an offer of a full tuition scholarship from the University of Michigan]. I also got a letter from Cornell offering me admission plus a Dean’s Scholarship. But really, the Michigan offer would almost make me rethink on Yale

I’ll take a few more days to think about it, but I would love to have your views on the question.

All the best and a wonderful Christmas to you!” S, France

Hey! Hope you’re well, and that you remember me. Hope you’re getting a breather these days. Wanted to let you know that I was accepted in George Washington’s Joint-Degree Program. The law school AND the Elliott School have both accepted me, and I plan on getting my JD and Masters in International Affairs. Thank you FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP. I seriously doubt I couldn’t been accepted without your guidance, and I appreciate all of your time and effort.” K, MD

“Hi Amy:

I have some very good news to report–I have just got the acceptance letter from the University of Michigan! The decision came so soon. My file had barely been complete for 2 weeks. I think the new personal statement and an earlier submission of my application made all the difference!

Thank you very much. I wouldn’t be able to get into my top choice without your help! Best regards,” X, GA

“Hi Heike,

So I’ve gotten off the waitlist at NYU. With the exciting opportunities going on at their law school and dynamic atmosphere of NYC, I may end up there and ditch the new LSAT idea. I am still debating though, for I just found out I was waitlisted at Stanford and have a sliver of hope for enrolling there in the fall. Thanks for your help!”  M, CA


I wanted to give you a final update on my law school admissions cycle: I have officially decided to attend the University of Chicago. I want to thank you again for all the advice and help you gave me.” S, PA


Just wanted to let you know that I have gotten into a bunch of top 100 schools and I really appreciate your help! I know it’s because of everything you have done and it means a lot to me. I am still waiting to hear from SMU, CU (Colorado), and Oregon. So far, I have gotten into Denver, Cincinnati, Florida State, and University of San Diego. I was wondering between the schools I have gotten into where you would recommend I go. I am really still interested in practicing corporate law and I wanted to know what you thought about how hard it is to get a job in another state besides the one you graduate from. Let me know when you get a chance. Thanks again for everything, your help throughout the process has been amazing!

Thanks again,”  T, CO

“All of our hard work paid off–THANK YOU!! I have also been accepted to Duke, Michigan, and Georgetown. I am so excited! Thank You!”  B, MD

“Hi Heike,

I thought I would just provide an update for you. I am actually really excited because I just got OFF the waitlist at the University of Virginia. I really think that I got in because, after taking your advice, I went to go visit Virginia and had a great meeting with the dean. Thank you for your help, and I will keep you update with any more decisions.

Warm Regards,” N, CT

“Thanks Kim! I am so excited!! I definitely could not have done it [acceptance to Northwestern] without Heike though, she was great to work with. I owe it to her.”



I was attending a law school and was feeling frustrated. I decided to apply as a transfer student and was accepted at a school that was probably above my pay grade, but a great fit. Amy helped me draft a personal statement that touched on the highlights of my application, bringing them together in a way that would speak to admissions committees.

Realistically, applying to law school without the perspective of a professional is a mistake. It is too competitive and there is too much at stake to not consult someone with experience. With that said, I would encourage anyone considering law school to talk to Amy. Working with Amy was a pleasure and quickly paid dividends.

Best,” T, SC

“Hi Amy,

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and let you know that I was accepted to GW, Penn, Virginia, and Duke. I know they are all great schools, but I am having trouble deciding where to go. If you have opinions about any of them I would greatly appreciate your insight!

Thanks again.” J, NY

“Dear Heike,

I just wanted to send a note to thank you again for all your help and patience during this whole admissions process. Thanks to you, I’ll be starting Tulane in the fall. Without your help, I would have never thought of applying there! Thanks again for everything. I’m looking forward to starting school in the fall.” C, CA

“Dear Heike,

I am happy to report that my transfer applications were accepted at both George Washington and UVA. I wanted to thank you again for all your help and support throughout this process – I know that you have gone above and beyond for me, and I *deeply* appreciate it. Thank you *so* much. If there’s anything I can do to repay the favor, please let me know. I hope your summer is going extremely well, and I wish you all the best.

Sincerely,” T, VA

“I am soooooooooooooo happy!! I got in, I got in. The dean of Georgetown even wrote by hand a letter to me, it was short, but still it so reassuring and I feel so proud of myself right now.
I just wanted to so how thankful I am for your help…
Thank you again. I am so glad that I got to work with you.” A, NY

I decided to go to Yale, and I’m thrilled!

Thank you so much for your help. I never would have tried for Yale if you hadn’t suggested it. I would have applied to Stanford as a reach and not gotten in, and who knows where I would have ended up? But instead I’m going to Yale.

I guess I can deal with three New England winters for that!” S, VA

“Dear Anne,

I need to thank you for your assistance in my law school application process. Though it is still early in the game and I have yet to hear from 4 law schools out of 18, I was admitted to Catholic U, LSU, SUNY Buffalo and Alabama-Tuscaloosa with a 3/4 merit scholarship. I have been admitted to the waitlist of American U, U Florida, Loyola-Chicago, George Mason, Tennessee and U Maryland School of Law. Though I will try to thank you via email as soon as I have the complete list of acceptances/rejections at hand, please know that I thank you now for your guidance in filling out my application and choosing the best approach for my essays. Regards,” M, Italy

Your advice was instrumental in helping me apply to law school and improve my essay and resume. I wanted to inform you that I was recently accepted off the waitlist to Loyola Marymount – one of my top choices. It also happens to be the one school that you suggested I add to my initial list after our consultation.
Thank you very much for all your help.”  J, CA

“Hello Heike,

I hope you are well and enjoying your summer. I thought you might enjoy an update as per my law school status. I honestly cannot thank you enough for all of your help. With your help I was accepted to six law schools. You have been a tremendous resource and a wonderful guide. Please be well. I will certainly keep in touch.

Sincerely, ” D, IL

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