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The new ABA employment outcome data is out. Not surprisingly, the Class of 2018 achieved the highest legal employment rate in over a decade. Fully 78.6% of Class of 2018 grades obtained full-time, long-term jobs within 10 months of graduation. To clarify, these job either required bar passage or the J.D. degree offered an advantage.

This marks the fifth straight year of legal employment rate growth. Furthermore, it’s the highest rate of the decade.

Two statistics jumped out as particularly good news to us:

  • “Unemployed/Seeking” decreased by 9.1%
  • “Solo practitioners” decreased by 14.2%

Please note we have absolutely nothing against solo practitioners. Of any profession! However, we feel this category is sometimes used by discouraged graduates who are under utilizing their talents. Furthermore, many solo practitioners say they benefited from first working for a law firm. To get slightly more detailed, solo practitioners tend to claim small law firm experience is optimal for this career path. But that’s probably best left for a future blog post.

The Class of 2019 is a bit larger. Will the economy continue to improve so they legal employment rate grows yet again? We’ll find out in a year!

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