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The LSAT Score Preview

Is the LSAT Score Preview good for applicants or merely a cash grab?

First-time LSAT test-takers will have an additional option beginning next month. The LSAC, the group that administers the LSAT, will allow you to see your score before it gets reported to the law schools. But wait. There’s more! The LSAT Score Preview will allow you to cancel your score and the law schools will never see it.

If it sounds too good to be true, perhaps it’s because it comes with a fee — unless, of course, you received a fee waiver. The LSAC is charging $45 for this option if you sign up before the test date. If you wait until after the test date, the fee increases to $75.

Unfortunately, this LSAT Score Preview option is only being offered to first-time test takers. It will reduce anxiety and it will provide a cash grab as well as an important point of differentiation from the GRE. As we’ve previously blogged, the LSAT has felt the competitive effect of the GRE moving in on the law school market it previously monopolized. (Do we sound too cynical if we expect the GRE to come out with a similarly priced option for all test takers?)

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