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Georgetown law applications reached record highs

Georgetown law applications increased by 41%!

Georgetown Law received a record 14,000 applications this past year. That is the most law school applications any school has ever received. The 41% increase far surpassed the national average 14% law school application increase. In an interview earlier this afternoon with, Georgetown’s admissions dean, Andrew Cornblatt, discusses his thoughts on why Georgetown’s application increase was so much larger than the national average.

The increase is particularly significant because it allowed Georgetown to increase its median LSAT score by 3 points. While it may seem convenient to attribute the LSAT increase to the pandemic-inspired LSAT Flex, it should also be noted that the median GPA increased to 3.85 from 3.78 the previous year.

In the interview linked above, Mr. Cornblatt cites the school’s location in DC, the increased activism, and the school’s personalized touch which included interviewing a lot more applicants. We believe all of these did likely factor into the school’s record application increase.

Finally, we believe Georgetown will reenter the T14 when US News releases its next rankings. The increased median LSAT score and GPA should weigh too heavily to keep Georgetown on the outside looking back in.

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