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Washburn University School of Law launched a new program called “Third Year Anywhere.” The program takes advantage of a new rule allowing students to take up to 30 credit hours online. In other words, new students could ‘save’ their 30 online semester hours for their third year. Then, they could personalize an externship that would allow them to study virtually anywhere.

Of course, there are a few caveats with this program. Firstly, it’s only effective for students entering this fall. Washburn needs time to find externship opportunities and get its curriculum online. Secondly, students must declare their interest in this program during their first year. And, finally, the externship must be where the student plans to live and work following graduation.

We are certainly excited to see Washburn implement this new externship opportunity. We also expect more law schools to offer similar programs. While this is a great opportunity for students, it could also be a real boon to rural law schools. This third-year externship would give students a better opportunity to establish their career in their preferred location.

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