In Law School Application Volumes

A Kaplan survey found the political mood is having a growing impact on applicants’ decisions to pursue law school. Interestingly, it also found 46% of respondents wished to attend a school where others shared their ideological beliefs.

We have discussed the ‘Trump Effect’ before but we will be happy to repeat our stance again here. Law school is a big time and financial commitment. Hence, it’s very possible the political scene could change by the time you graduate and pass the bar.

We also want to address the 46% sizable minority who wished to attend a school where others shared their beliefs and values. First of all, there is never anything wrong with wishing to study with peers who share your beliefs. However, please understand that you may be limiting the value of your education if those beliefs are not adequately challenged by others. Civil discourse will help you strengthen your arguments. And, finally, your beliefs will be challenged once you begin practicing law.

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