In Personal Statement
1. Rehashing your resume

The most common mistake is definitely rehashing the resume. The applicants who make this mistake simply repeat what was already in their resumes. Consequently, they waste a valuable opportunity to impress the law school admissions committees.

2. Quoting others

Another fairly common mistake is quoting famous people. Most of the time we see quotes in personal statement drafts, we axe them. Furthermore, we have talked to many admissions officers who cringe when they tell us how often they see the “Road Less Traveled” quote.

It’s not original or unique. Not to mention it probably sets off an astronomical ‘similarity score’ on plagiarism checkers like Turnitin. While quotes can be used sparingly, we almost never like to see them at the beginning or end of the personal statement.

3. Writing what you think the reader wants

The third common mistake is writing what you think the admissions committee wants to read. If you do this, you end up appearing disingenuous.

Instead, be yourself and be genuine. Let the admission officers know who you really are. That means telling them what you will be like in and out of the classroom. Whether you are discussing a legal concept, a current event or just making small talk.

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