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UMaine Law to separate from USM in 2022

UMaine Law will separate from USM.

The University of Maine board of trustees decided to separate UMaine Law from University of Southern Maine. The move will be effective in 2022. While UMaine Law has always been independent of USM, it has been embedded on its Portland campus and its funding has flowed through the host school. University of Maine School of Law has not be immune from the law school enrollment decline and USM has generously been covering their deficit. Obviously that will change in 2022 and USM has indicated that the funds it has been using to help float the University of Maine School of Law will go to student financial aid and facilities.

To be clear, Maine Law is not physically separating from USM; this is strictly a matter of its funds coming directly from the University of Maine System instead of through USM. Finally, there are still some details to be worked out but it appears the law students will still have access to the gym and mental health benefits at the University of Southern Maine.

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