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Chicago JD/MBA program can now be completed in 3 years

Chicago shortened its JD/MBA to three years.

The University of Chicago Law School will be offering a three-year, accelerated version of its JD/MBA program starting next year. The four-year track will still be an option for those students who want a more specialized business education. However, it certainly appears that Chicago fully expects the new three-year option to be, by far, the more popular option.

This accelerated JD/MBA program will feature a first year of almost exclusively law school courses (save for two MBA classes), a second year of MBA classes and then a third year that will consist entirely of three quarters of law school classes. (Remember, University of Chicago adheres to the quarter calendar.)

We believe this move was made at least in part to concern about anticipated application volumes. While Chicago’s Booth School of Business managed to buck the trend of application declines this past year, we firmly believe this move was made to help insulate the b-school from application downturns as well. Chicago Booth Dean Madhav Rajan explained, “The new structure will make the JD/MBA more feasible for students, and so we think it will be very popular.”

Interestingly, University of Chicago has not yet unveiled their price tag for the three-year option and has simply noted that tuition has not yet been set for the 2020 academic year. Currently, the four-year program has a sticker price of $270,000 though many admitted applicants receive generous financial aid packages that reduce the net price by a significant amount.

As always, only apply to this (or any other program for that matter) if it is a good fit for your particular interests and needs. Pursuing such a program for more superfluous reasons doesn’t usually end well.

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