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We’ve been tracking the planned closure of Valparaiso University’s law school and it now appears much more certain that the school will indeed close in May 2020 as Valparaiso’s president, Mark Heckler, previously pledged. The ABA requires member schools to submit a teach-out plan for approval for the completion of the law school degree for their current students. These teach-out plans are generally confidential, but it appears Valparaiso is being very transparent about theirs.

A spokeswoman for Valpo Law stated, “Valparaiso University has submitted plans to the American Bar Association and the Higher Learning Commission that detail the University’s intention to continue to teach in Valparaiso, Indiana, next year the currently enrolled law students who have not yet completed their J.D. degrees. The University is currently working with these accrediting agencies toward final approval of its plans.” Less than 100 students remain at the law school and no students have matriculated in since the fall of 2017.

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