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Yale Law School has come under fire for perceived religious bigotry. Generally speaking, we try to remain apolitical. So, when this story first broke, we left it alone. Now, however, it seems to be spreading. (The USA Today is “mainstream media,” right?)

Here’s the story in a nutshell. Yale Law announced a new policy that would cut funding from three important programs if students work for organizations that consider religion in hiring. Organizations that meet those criteria include Catholic organizations and Jewish advocacy groups.

What exactly would such an employment decision cost graduates?

  1. Access to summer public interest funding
  2. Participation in the loan forgiveness program
  3. Eligibility for post-graduate fellowships

We have previously blogged on being conservative in law school. We have also discussed the competitive advantages to not caving in to leftist demands and potentially stealing Supreme Court clerkships from more selective law schools.

As a result, we’re going punt on this one and remain rather apolitical. In conclusion, consider this an informational blog from which you can draw your own conclusions.

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